Full Sensory Experience Eating

This morning I had to rush out the house but I knew I needed a good breakfast. Today is my grocery shopping day and trust me when I say it was time. At the grocery store I bought a few organic, chicken meatballs before heading to my favorite cafe. I ordered a double of my favorite side salad as I believe in eating some sort of raw, green food with my protein packed breakfast.

I was so happy to receive my salad and of course had to take a picture 🙂

YumSaladphoto Double Side Salad from “Hive the place to bee”


I decided to have a full sensory breakfast before heading into a morning full of admin work. I immediately craved tomatoes but it doesn’t come with this salad and that’s okay. I just love looking at my food before I eat. As I brought the salad to my mouth I made sure I smelled the fresh Tahini dressing that I have absolutely fallen in love with. As I slowly chewed my food I listened to the crunch, seriously celebrating the fact that I can hear. I smelled the combination of the sunflower seeds and Tahini dressing. I missed the pumpkin seeds but have not asked the cafe to where they have disappeared. The best part, the taste. The combination of the crunch of the mixed greens, the texture of the pumpkin seeds, and the amazing Tahini dressing made for a fully sensory experience.

What does this have to do with nutrition? Everything! I made a conscious effort to slow down and appreciate my food before diving into work. I felt gratitude for what I had and the amazing flavors. Plus, I know from where the cafe purchases their ingredients, I watch them make foods all the time, and I trust them implicitly. I know I’m getting the freshest organic ingredients, it’s made by awesome people at my favorite cafe, and I feel nourished. Eating slowly with focused attention allows for proper digestion as well.

Maybe eating with focused attention, or “Mindful Eating,” may not be a reality all the time. However, if you are ever in the place to be able to try it, I highly recommend the experience. It makes a difference.

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!


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Protected: Confessions of a True Ambivert

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Trusting Culinary Intuition

Over the weekend I baked a killer whole organic chicken. It was so good I took pictures. I’ll blog about that one later of course 🙂 What I ended up doing was taking the bones, putting it in my trusty crock pot with some veggies and letting it brew for 24 hours. I later added some of the chicken and made a soup.

Well today I decided to boil the last of the soup with some brown rice. It looked good but it needed something. My body was craving something else.

After I finished reheating the soup with rice, I turned off the heat and threw in a heaping handful of fresh, organic spinach, red and black pepper. I then chopped up 2 cloves of fresh, raw garlic and threw it on top. My body needed components of both and I can’t tell why. Perhaps it’s cause my son has had a ferocious cough and I’m preparing my body for some flu prevention. I can’t have a repeat of January’s flu fiasco. Or maybe my body just needed a little extra Vitamin K and/or Folate from the spinach. Perhaps it needed a touch of sulfur containing compounds from the raw garlic. It doesn’t matter really, I just followed my intuition and fed my body what it needed.

It is so important to listen to our body’s cues when cravings creep up. There’s always an internal reason. Whether comfort or nutrient-based, our body is speaking to us. Perhaps those chip cravings are really your body’s craving for fat, or even the minerals from salt (try sea salt of course unless there’s a reason why you can’t). Maybe those chocolate cravings can be satiated by a healthy square of organic, dark cacao. Ice cream cravings, maybe you need some calcium. Try eating dates instead.

All I’m saying is whatever it is it may not be all bad. Perhaps your body needs something deeper than the obvious craving. Try looking into next time it happens, if it does. Trust your body’s cues and take a minute to see if there’s a healthy alternative to any outrageous cravings.

In the meantime, Here’s to Your Perfect Health and Wellness!



Yummy Chicken Soup with Brown Rice, Spinach and Raw Garlic 🙂

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Homemade Cough Syrup

My son was up most of last night coughing. He had no fever, just a pretty bad cough and runny nose. This morning I did what I most often recommend to others when they have a cough or chest congestion. Do-it-yourself aka homemade cough syrup.

It so quick and easy it’s ridiculous. All you need is raw honey, filtered water, and lemon. Cayenne is optional.

Version 1, or as I like to call it, “Kid’s” version:

While boiling water add in a large cup or jar 1 TBSP Raw Honey. After washing your lemon thoroughly, slice about 1/4 of the lemon, squeeze the juice in the cup and then put the squeezed lemon slice in the cup or jar. After the water finishes boiling stir in about 1-2 TBSP hot filtered water. Make sure the temp is cool enough for you or kiddo to drink. Stir and enjoy.

Version 2: Simply add in a pinch or 2 of cayenne. It gives it a bit of a kick but I find it helps out with me and my clients have reported that it works well for them too. If you find it hard to take honey in that much of a concentrated form, fill your cup with the hot water and drink it as a tea. I find the most concentrated the better, however you have to work with your comfort level.

I sincerely hope you don’t need it but if you do, try your own. It works better, faster, is more cost effective and you know what you’re getting.

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!



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Yesterday I felt a little strange, hungry and jittery which is not like me. I looked over my day and knew that I had eaten plenty. Even though I had a Chai, it had been a while and I ate a nice, nutrient packed salad with it after already having eggs and black beans with garlic for breakfast. I couldn’t understand.

I was on a business call in the late afternoon after having eaten a good late lunch, and I mentioned how strange I felt. The person I was talking, who is also pretty health conscious, mentioned she gets that when she doesn’t have enough fat in her diet. AHA MOMENT!!! I’m usually pretty diligent with my eating and have plenty of healthy fats. I realized that the last couple days I didn’t eat as much fats as usual which pretty much explains how I was feeling.

As I was grocery shopping I grabbed an avocado. I felt like my body needed it. I actually didn’t get to eat it until today and my body soaked it up. I felt completely satiated after eating it with a little sea salt and pepper after my yummy homemade chicken soup.

Avocado’s are such an action-packed nutrient dense food. They are a very flavorful source of pantothenic acid, fiber, vitamin K, copper, folate, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamins E and C, plus numerous antioxidants.

The benefits of eating avocados are numerous. They are known as a “heart healthy” food, supporting cardiovascular health. They are also anti-inflammatory and help with blood sugar regulation. Unless you have an allergy you can’t go wrong with avocados.

I love them raw with a little sea salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll squeeze a little lime. Other times I’ll add a little chopped tomato and red onion. It’s great with Romaine Lettuce along with salads and a variety of other foods.

I hope you enjoy!

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!

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A Note on Travel Eating

I was recently posed a question on what to do while staying true to one’s eating plan while traveling for business. This can honestly make or break a person’s commitment to staying on a healthy path, especially if one is just beginning.

I like to start out with a few questions. How long is the trip? Will the hotel provide a fridge? If so is it free or does it come with a cost? What food budget is the person working with? Lastly, what are the special needs of the individual person, ie gluten-free, vegan, etc.? All very important in making a plan.

I always recommend that my clients make out a special eating plan first. Take the meal plan and figure out what will travel well, with or without refrigeration. Nuts & seeds are always a good travel companion. Add in some dried fruits if you don’t have blood sugar issues. Hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein and also travel well. You can always get one of those travel pack bags that don’t require ice that will keep items fresh for a couple days.

Chopped veggies are great if you have a fridge in your room. So are making travel foods like salad in a jar and/or oatmeal with yogurt and fruit/nuts in a jar. I’ve seen some great recipes on Facebook and can post them when I can locate them again. They can be kept in the the fridge for a few days. You can also prepare your own salad dressing, jar it and bring it with you. Can you bring a jar of your favorite nut butter along with some fruit choices.

Eating out at a restaurant? Easy! Salad with meats are always good choices. Are you veggie and/or gluten-free? Avoid anything with a sauce unless it’s marked vegan/gluten-free.

Spices are no problem. You can make your own spice mix, put it in a simple jar or small canister and pack it along. Real Salt also has travel packages of sea salt for your traveling needs. They’re great!

Travel eating can be fun, easy and affordable if you’re able to plan and prepare. Keep in mind your current eating plan and any dietary restrictions. Before you know it your travel plan will become a habit and any future trips will be an easy adaptation for you.

If you have any concerns, try to have an accountability partner that you are able to check in with on a regular basis. That can be a friend/trusted relative, professional nutrition/fitness person, or another chosen person who will support you in your health and wellness goals.

Try it and let me know how it works. You can also email me at womenswellness1@gmail.com

As always, here’s to your Perfect Health and Wellness!




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What’s For Breakfast

I’m such a true Foodie 🙂 I LOVE food! I love good and healthy food especially. Whenever I eat I love taking a picture and posting it on Facebook for my friends and sometimes on my business page.

This morning as I was taking time to prepare my breakfast, I noticed how pretty it looked so I decided to take a picture and share what I believe to truly be the most important meal of the day.

Every morning I make sure I have a healthy dose of protein. This morning it has to be over easy eggs prepared in organic, grass-fed butter. I typically have a side of mixed greens/side salad (no dressing) with my breakfast cause I think a little raw veggie action is a must with every meal. I heated up a small side of brown rice as I cooked the eggs simply cause I didn’t want the rice to go to waste. I topped the eggs with a little raw garlic and added some fresh cilantro over my greens to add a little flavor. I picked an orange off my backyard tree to add a little Vitamin C to the meal. I decided to make a quick cup of tea, which happens to be my own blend of Spiced-Orange Hibiscus. Believe it or not this only took me about 5 minutes to prepare.


Even though it’s good to eat upright at a table, I couldn’t help but to sit on the floor in front of my patio door to look out at the trees as I ate. It was a relaxing way to start a very busy day.

I hope you enjoy me sharing my little food adventure with you. I would love to know what foods you eat to start out your day.

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!


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WOW! Vertigo is no fun! A couple weeks ago I posted a couple blogs about how I managed to cook and stay healthy while my son had such a terrible fever. I felt helpless and knew we both still needed to eat. Plus, I wanted to make sure I stayed healthy. Well, although I did not get a fever, I did have flu symptoms. I felt lethargic, slept a lot and sweat while I slept. Eventually the coughing started and before I knew it I had ear pain and became dizzy. I knew exactly what it was especially when the spinning started. It was my 3rd bout of Vertigo in my life.

I have to start off saying I am very holistically minded but I also do support “Western Medicine” during times of crisis. Because I was not in crisis, I decided to go with what would support me the most, “holistic medicine.” I consumed plenty of tea and broths. I also went through the exercises my doctor taught me 4 years ago when I went through it before. I don’t want to describe the exercises as if someone is experiencing symptoms of Vertigo for the first time I think it’s best to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. For me that would be either a Naturopath and/or a Network Chiropractic Doctor.

Vertigo is very uncomfortable and scary at times. To wake up with the room spinning is off putting to say the least. I drank plenty of water, teas and broths. Sat up as much as possible and tried to function normally. Well that didn’t work. I ended up being home bound for nearly a week. My last two bouts with Vertigo ended within 24 hours. Because the flu moved to my ear it lasted longer. Fortunately the spinning has stopped but I do have to go to the doctor for the fluid in my ear, which I can feel.

If you suspect you are experiencing Vertigo try to not drive or operate any heavy machinery. If you have a good support person near, ask if they can get you to a qualified health care provider. If money is an issue and you have to go to a medical doctor who takes your insurance, ask them if they are aware of non-medication treatment methods. There are specific head and neck exercises that help to alleviate Vertigo. I would just prefer that you go to a qualified health care professional rather than me describe them myself.

It’s been over a week now and I’m finally able to work at a computer for more than 30 minutes. Business is changing, in a good way so you’ll see more consistent blogs. I look forward to sharing more health information with you.

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!



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I see Agave coming up in the media again, and among people in the “Health” industry. It’s still being advertised as a “safe,” “natural” sweetener for not only people with Diabetes, but others who are looking for “Low Glycemic” sweeteners.  The fact is that low amounts may be ‘low glycemic,” however it is high in fructose which causes problems in itself.

“Fructose doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin in the short term, but when consumed in high amounts it leads to insulin resistance… a long-term effect that will chronically elevate blood sugar and insulin levels (1213).” From Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition, http://authoritynutrition.com/6-healthy-sugars-that-can-kill-you/

Additionally, even though Agave does not immediately spike blood sugar, it is processed through the liver. The liver has to work extra hard in order to process this sweetener which in terms is no good for the liver.

Whichever your choice in natural sweeteners if you use them I would urge you to seriously do your research and weigh all the pros and cons. Yes, life is meant to be fun and enjoying a treat on occasion is okay in my book. As long as it doesn’t kill you of course. It’s just important to me that you all keep as healthy as possible on this journey called life. Choose sweeteners wisely 🙂

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!



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Comfort Food

Over the weekend I was filming an installment of my upcoming video blog on making a quick version of “Bone Broth.” Now a true “bone broth” is not a quick process but what I learned through this flu phase is that sometimes one doesn’t have 3 days to make such a vital, healing soup.

I started the soup at about noon on Saturday with a chicken leg/thigh combo, carrot, 1 slice onion, sea salt and turmeric. I seasoned the chicken with the sea salt and turmeric. I normally would just add turmeric root to the water but did not have some handy so I used the powder. I recovered the chicken with the skin, put it along with the chopped carrot and onion into the crock pot. I covered with 2.5 quarts of water, placed the top on the crock pot and turn it up to high. We went on with our day.

I turned it to low about 4pm but then decided after 30 minutes to turn it back on high. Then at 6pm it was technically done. I used a large spoon to pull out the chicken. I then pulled off the skin and shredded the meat. It was very simple. At this point I was trying to show in the video that the broth was complete. I also put the meat and bones back in the broth to turn it into a soup. This was also where the video was interrupted and I was not able to do a retake. The joys of Motherhood 🙂

I turned the crock pot on low and let it simmer through the night, just to add more minerals to the broth. I unplugged and turned off the crock pot in the morning. After it set for the day it was easy to remove the “fat” that gathered at the top from the chicken. I find it easier to scrape off the fat when the broth/soup has cooled a bit. I also made sure I removed ALL the bones as I would not want to choke on them by accident.

My intention was to eat some and immediately put the rest in the freezer for another time. It came in handy however as my son’s fever resurfaced, 100 degrees temp and he began to feel lethargic. He took a 3 hour nap and when he arose I had boiled some gluten-free noodles and added it to the soup, which I slowly heated on the stove. We both had tasty chicken noodle soup for dinner and it was fantastic. It just needed a little more sea salt. I added chili flakes and cilantro to mine. YUMMY!

This quick version of “Bone Broth” turned out to be comforting in several ways. It was quick and easy, plus it came in handy when my son’s fever returned. The smells in my kitchen were phenomenal. It truly reminded me of spending time at my Grandparents when I was a child. I had one of those Grandmothers who cooked most things from scratch so the smell of the fresh chicken noodle soup brought a nice comfort to me. It actually prompted me to call my Grandmother the following day, to see how she and my Grandfather were doing. Loved it! The second best part was it tasted FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have bought that flavor if I wanted to 🙂

Bonus, the health benefits are numerous. It contains protein, amino acid cysteine, beta carotene, minerals and more. Plus its a warm liquid which helps to break down mucus and if you add garlic, can clear out mucus in your nose and chest. It packs a health-filled punch 🙂

What are some traditional comfort foods from your culture that bring you a sense of satisfaction on so many levels? I would love to hear from you. I would also love to provoke a sense of adventure that would inspire you to get in the kitchen yourself and relive those happy times.

If you’re wondering about the video, it didn’t turn out well so it won’t be released. However, I will make another once my kitchen is set up in a way I don’t have to turn my back on the video.

Here’s to Perfect Health and Wellness!

Chicken Noodle Soupphoto  Gluten-Free Chicken Noodle Soup


My Trusted Crock Pot

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